Fueling Energy, Passion, Imagination + Confidence through EPIC Branding Imagery!

For the #WildOnes ready to Ignite their Brand and Engage their Audience!



Stop wasting time and money on the search for unoriginal stock photos + creating low-quality selfies

You've been making it work but you've got more pressing matters to tend to!

Together, let's create a Library of Images....

  • and share YOUR SPECIFIC Story, Services and Products!

Clients today want to connect with who they do business with.

They want to know who you are.

What you stand for!

In this digital, social world, consumers want to be entertained and inspired. And with photography more accessible than ever before, it gets harder and harder to rise above the noise.

But rise above, you did! After all, you're a #WildOne, right? A thrill-seeker, a risk-taker, and above all, an impact-maker! With your kind of spunk and gumption, you've managed to make enough waves to get to where you are. But here's the thing:

Even once you've gotten their attention, you need more and more "scroll-stopping" images to share frequently in order to KEEP IT.

Enter: the Cohesive, Done-For-You Branding and Content of KateAstrophy Imagery's EPIC personal brand photography services!

  • Ignite your brand - Attract your DREAM CLIENTS with LESS WORK than ever
  • Engage your audience - Stop their scroll online and truly connect
  • Increase conversions - Consumers buy from those they Know, Like + Trust
  • Take it offline to WOW prospects and clients with show-stopping, on-brand, custom art for your building, trade show booths, marketing materials and more!

I'll Travel to you to be your Personal Photographer for a Day - as many as 4 times per year - giving you a variety of several MONTHS-WORTH of Images at a Time!

Ready to Rock?! Excellent! Get a glimpse of what you can expect from working with me in the gallery below.


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Hi! I'm Kate Andrist. (aka KateAstrophy)

I help entrepreneurs and influencers to have their cake and eat it too - Yes I said there's cake; you can scroll straight to the bottom of this page to book now! ;) - by providing them with magazine-quality imagery, customized to their brand WHILE serving them in a way that gives them back their time!

On average, entrepreneurs spend about 30 minutes a day putting a picture together to post. That's 45 hours each quarter. How much further could you move your business with an ADDITIONAL MONTH each year?!

Knowing your way around a camera and/or your phone's editing apps isn't enough anymore. You want to capture the hearts of your audience AND increase your conversions and therefore your revenue?

You need someone that can capture high-quality lifestyle, environmental and product images, who also understands the strategy and design behind successful commercial photography.

If that sounds good to you, I'M YOUR GIRL! Here's why:

As a portrait photographer, retoucher and graphic designer, with experience in marketing; I've found my skillset makes me uniquely qualified to serve you best as your own personal photographer for your brand!

As a dreamer, optimist and creative - often times being teased for living in my own fairytale world - I give my clients killer results by first inviting you into my world with a concept consultation! During which we pause reality for just a moment to talk big, WILD dreams! Even if you don't believe it's possible, I do! I believe you are the captain of your brand and your life, and I pride myself on being able to then get down to brass tacks, creating the imagery that will help you effectively steer that ship!

"Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual reinvention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful." -Sir Richard Branson

"Alright so how do we do the dang thang..."


You can use the button below to contact me. I'll respond to your questions and set up a time to meet. Please note that at this time I am only taking on 10 clients and it's on a first-come, first-served basis.


We'll get on a video chat just to make sure we're a good match and to go over details such as the concept consultation, the sessions, and more.


If we decide to move forward, we'll sign the paperwork to make it official, do a little happy dance and get into your concept consultation! This is where I'll learn more about you and your business and we'll discuss the concepts for the imagery that will serve your brand and your audience best.

Ready to Rock?!

If you're ready to Ignite your Brand and Engage your Audience, I'd love to work with you!

Full-service personal brand photography packages start at $3000.

You can also ask about Introductory and Limited Launch Session packages.

Click "Request Consultation" below to contact me and we'll set up a time to meet.

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